Frets on Fire Portable

Frets on Fire Portable 1.3.110

Portable Guitar Hero clone for PC


  • Easy to learn controls
  • Very similar to the popular Guitar Hero games
  • Built-in editor to create your own tunes
  • Entertaining and informative tutorial
  • Portable!


  • Only 3 songs come included in the game


Frets on Fire Portable is a Guitar Hero lookalike for Windows PC users.

Don't have a PlayStation but want to get in on the Guitar Hero action? Not to worry. Frets on Fire is a pretty good simulation of the real deal. Now you can take it with you wherever you go in this portable version of the popular music-themed game.

Some users might wonder how Frets on Fire Portable can convincingly mimic Guitar Hero without the iconic guitar piece PlayStation users strum in order to play song notes. With Frets on Fire Portable, your keyboard turns into the guitar, with the F1-F12 function keys turning into the frets that produce the familiar sounds which make up the songs you'll be playing.

Frets on Fire Portable has a great and often amusing tutorial with your instructor, Jurgen. Not only will he help you familiarize yourself with the game controls, he'll also insult you and try to overwhelm you with information in a hilarious sort of way.

Unfortunately, Frets on Fire Portable only has 3 songs that come with it. New ones can be imported from a selection online pretty easily. There's also a built-in editor if you want to take a stab at creating your own songs.

Frets on Fire Portable is a really entertaining game that fans of PlayStation's Guitar Hero will no doubt enjoy.

Frets on Fire Portable


Frets on Fire Portable 1.3.110

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